“The crux of the design process is creating a satisfactory solution to a need. The need may be to improve an existing situation or to eliminate a problem. In any case, it is what engineering is all about—using knowledge and know-how to achieve a desired outcome.”

Lee Harrisberger, Engineersmanship… The Doing of Engineering Design


PAX AERO’s Engineering team features Mechanical, Aerospace, and Electrical expertise. Using industry leading tools like Geomagic DesignX , SolidWorks CAD software and 3D print (FDM) technologies for design and reverse engineering, our team can rapidly get from concept to prototyping to support tight schedules.  Our Drafting team and Quality Control Process ensures that our customers get the data and documentation needed for airworthiness and peace of mind.
PAS provides designs for new and legacy systems to be integrated into various platforms along with taking conceptual designs and bringing them to life. The team utilizes SolidWorks to create all necessary 3D models and a full technical data package. This drawing package along with all required engineering analysis and the weight and balance of the new aircraft configuration is provided to the appropriate authority (Military or FAA) for issuance of a flight clearance.


In addition to mechanical engineering, PAS also has an Electrical Engineering Department. This department has over 15 years of experience operating, maintaining, testing, troubleshooting and repairing DoD aircraft electrical, avionics and mission systems. It also has over 10 years of experience designing, developing, modifying, fabricating, integrating, testing and evaluating C4ISR systems on DoD platforms.


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