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The fabrication shop at Pax Aero Solutions has over 25 years of experience producing high quality products. The experience level includes aircraft modifications and repairs, aircraft integration, electronic equipment racks, work stations, gimbal designs,  and shelter modifications. PAS fabricators will take the approved design from the engineering team and build the desired product. At PAS, the fabricators are truly artisans. They are capable of integrating into any aircraft, shelter systems, vehicles or other specialty platforms. The fabrication shop uses certified material/hardware on all projects. The fabricators are well accustomed to populating racks with various types of equipment and making it structurally sound for obtaining a flight clearance to military and FAA standards, as appropriate.

Fabrication Services

Quality Modification / Integration into various mobile air, land and sea platforms.
Mechanical Fabrication
Quality Integration into various mobile air, land and sea platforms.
Electrical Fabrication
Quality Fabrication of cables, wire harnesses and power distribution units.
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