3d Scanning

Pax Aero Solutions utilizes a 3d scanner to capture structural data to do our design work as well as for reverse engineering parts that drawings cannot be obtained.

With an accuracy of .2mm the scanner has helped in many instances for the rapid design required for the quick turn around jobs. The scanner is also useful in those instances in which the aircraft is not located at our facility. We will perform a scan of the area to get all the dimensional data required to do the design.

Taking the measurements of objects with complex geometry used to take days or weeks to complete. Now this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours. You can use the 3D scanners to quickly capture just about any industrial object, from a small mechanical part to a turbine, with astonishing accuracy. The resulting 3D model can then be exported to a variety of CAD & CAM programs and from there new designs can be integrated to the 3d scan.

Using our 3d scanner is what allows us to perform complex designs for aircraft half a world away. It is this technology that we utilized to scan the structure of the aircraft located in Indonesia and perform the design work in California, Md.

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